RUSH, 03:45, live action, 2023

A short dance film concerned with the gaze as an act of violence, revelling in a loss of innocence and lingering on its pains.
Screenings: Queerdiosyncracies vol. 2 @ Whammy! Analog Media & the Bijou Theatre

first messages; a documentary, animation, 01:12, 2022

Made in response to Godard's 'Masculin Féminin'. A convergence of digital and cinematic romance.
Screenings: Film Directing Program Showcase 2022 @ REDCAT

w nder, live action, 10:13, 2023

An exploration of the walk; a passing perfunctory moment in. A feedback loop between self and place.

Further film/video work

It’s Been Raining in LA, live action, 1:12, 2021

A 16mm film shot in various landscapes in LA.

Time in the Mind, animation, 01:35, 2020

Alone in a vast desolate landscape, a hole in spacetime emerges.

Wings, animation, 01:11, 2019

A stop-motion short about losing flight.

Pilgrim, montage, 4:58, 2020

They sent a poet.

To Raise the Water Level of a Fish Pond, animation, 00:56, 2020

A typography project on Zhang Huan.

One Day More, live action, 3:31, 3019

She assesses, he can’t stop chewing.